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Poppy's Surgery

Super Bowl Board Fundraiser

Good Luck!

Meet Poppy...


Quarter 1:

Quarter 3:

Quarter 2:


Gift Card Winners

$50 Shop Dog Gift Card- Angela Schaefer

$50 Woofs and Waves Gift Card- Lois Mielke

$50 Beautique Gift Card- Jodi Kiel Johnson

Poppy is a 7 month old toy poodle that came to B-Squad in December. Poppy was released from a commercial breeding facility in Missouri due to having an issue with her rear leg.


Poppy saw a specialist and we learned that she has a grade IV luxating patella. This means that the patella is sitting out of the space which it normally occupies and cannot be replaced. This has led to the contracture of the joints in her right rear leg and inability to use the leg normally. 


Surgery has been recommended to correct the luxation and repair the stifle joint to try to give her increased function of the leg. We believe Poppy deserves the opportunity to have function of her rear leg.


This surgery comes at an estimated cost of $1,600.


We are hosting this Super Bowl Board as a fundraiser to cover the majority of the cost of her surgery. Please consider buying a square and supporting Poppy! 

How it Works...

SPACES WILL BE DRAWN FROM A HAT AND PLACED ON THE BOARD ONCE ALL THE SQUARES HAVE BEEN SOLD. The Board will be populated and posted to this website prior to the start of the Super Bowl.  

The way football goes these days, there are no bad numbers!


So, the NFC team will be across one side and the AFC team across the other.

The score at the end of each quarter determines the winner (we use only the digit in the ONES place - ie:  17 = 7, 24 = 4, 28 = 8, 10 = 0 and so forth).


You simply find the NFC team score and then the AFC teams' score and where those two columns intersect on the board - you have your winner!  

PAYOUT - Quarter 1, Quarter 2, and Quarter 3 payout $150.  Final score payout is $250.  NO PAYMENT IS MADE FOR QUARTER FOUR - even if the game is tied and has to go to overtime.  ONLY the FINAL SCORE is paid out!