B-Squad Dog Rescue has been a lifeline in assisting Lightshine Canine move dogs from the Pine Ridge and Rosebud Indian Reservations to partner rescues in Minnesota. We are the bridge between what was and what will be for thousands of Rez Dogs. Bertha is on her last leg and we desperately need to get a reliable vehicle to take her place to continue the amazing work we have been doing over the last three years. Please consider making a one time or recurring donation and be a part of offering HOPE to the dogs and people of the Pine Ridge and Rosebud Indian Reservations.

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Year: 1996

# Transports: 251

Miles Driven: 240,000+

Lives Saved: 4,518

and counting

So This is Why B-Squad And This Campaign Is So Important

If things are truly going to change for the dogs of the Pine Ridge Reservation...it has to change with humans first. 


A little over 2 1/2 years ago a Pine Ridge Police officer stood in front of KC Willis of Lightshine Canine and told her to leave the contractor alone who was conducting a "round up" of dogs near an area where a little girl had been killed by a pack a few days earlier. As had been done for decades dogs were gathered up, driven to the local dump, and shot from time to time. In the world of the reservations there is usually no other choice. No shelters. No Vets. No choice. 


The round ups took place over two days. On day one she was told to stay back. On day two, after conversations with several different people in the tribal government…They were allowed to go onto the red horse trailer and take dogs off.


A step in the right direction.


For the next year Lightshine Canine, B-Squad Dog Rescue, and other partner rescues were relentless. Every single day we took dogs into rescue so that the population would be thinned out in a way that was good for the dogs and good for the community members who cared about them. The red horse trailer had been dramatic for so many. 

But it was always on our minds that the roundups could happen again at any moment. Last year about this time announcements were made that scheduled dog sweeps in specific neighborhoods would begin. KC Willis of Lightshine Canine went before the law and order committee of Tribal Council and explained what we had accomplished...Telling them that if they wanted to thin out the population to look at our numbers. No round ups could touch that. We had transported over 5,000 dogs off of the Pine Ridge and Rosebud reservations to partner rescues and spayed/neutered thousands more for those that remained in their homes on the reservations.

We were always thrilled to be able to say it had been 2 1/2 years and the horse trailer had not been brought out. We were pleased to just keep doing what we were doing and not have that happen. Our dream was to have cooperation on multi-levels...to not just be left alone but to work side-by-side with law enforcement and housing and the Lakota People.


Through many years of relationship building by KC Willis of Lightshine Canine and showing our sincere dedication to the dogs and people of the Pine Ridge Reservation…The day before yesterday our dream became a reality. In response to a phone call KC received from the Pine Ridge Chief of Police we found ourselves in a coordinated effort within an outlying community, working side-by-side with police officers and housing to take stray and unwanted animals into rescue.

With their assistance the process was swift and the results were immediate and tangible. 21 dogs.

No red horse trailer. Just a silver van…a white SUV…and a brown pick up. 

Paws off the ground has never been so important.


We believe we are standing at the crossroads for the future of the dogs of the Pine Ridge Reservation. 

When long-standing processes and beliefs can be changed, when rescue of animals can be of service to the people, when there is an alternative to what has always been done then there is change...and with change comes hope.

Please consider joining our B-Squad! Your donation today will help us replace our van (Bertha) so that we may continue to be the bridge what was and what will be! Thank you!

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